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Monique’s Secret Spa

It’s another fresh week and we get to check out a new real wife stories scene here with another amazing mature babe that gets to have some dick on the side. The said dick is from her personal private masseur that drops by her place whenever her man is away as she always gets to unwind while he works her body and on top of that, he always gives her a happy ending by plowing her sweet pussy with his huge cock too. So yeah, let’s get to see this adorable and sexy nude babe with dark purple hair as she lays back and takes a good dicking on the massage table here shall we? We know that you will adore this babe named Monique in sensual action!

Monique's Secret Spa

As soon as the cameras start to roll, our babe can be seen laying on her back and enjoying the attention of the guy as he is all ready to use those aromatic oils all over her body to help her relax and unwind. And as a side note, you can see this new and hot scene at as well, so check that place out too. Of course, that was all just some warm up as the babe was eager to have her pussy and ass massaged more thoroughly by the guy’s cock and that goes down without a hitch too. Sit back and enjoy the action and we’ll see you again real soon with more new content. Bye bye for now!

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Memphis Monroe real wife stories

Milf Memphis is feeling sexually ignored by her partner who’s constantly working hard and not paying attention to her. From this the next Memphis Monroe real wife stories free videos took birth. When she proposes him to hire a guy sex therapist, he allows without being aware of the danger. He finds the big surprise when he once comes home: the realwifestories sex therapist Derrick is here to point out him how to improve their marriage. Because he is a loving and a caring husband, he accepted and chose to take notes as Derrick does his wife. Enjoy as slutty Memphis gets shagged while her husband watches!

real wife stories memphis monroe fucks an expert

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Steak and blowjob day

When Johnny gets home from work, lovely Sara welcomes him in sexy black lingerie and underwear. It is steak and blowjob day at real wife stories and Sara heard of this holiday from her friends, so she decided to celebrate it with her man! He never heard of this day but it sounds really good, to good to blow it off. So he asks what have she got for him but before anything, she was hungry for his big cock. After hearing this he was all hard in his pants and she got oh her knees and started unzipping and taking off his pants. She took his cock and started to stroke it slowly. He wanted to suck her big boobs so he sat her up on the kitchen table, and whole he started sucking her hard nipples she took his cock in her mouth balls deep. He literally face fucked her, sliding his cock down her throat! Next he bent her over the table, took her panties off and shoved his big hard cock deep inside her wet pussy! After a hardcore fucking she was ready to serve him the steak!


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Real Wife Stories – The super Fanny

In this real wife stories video scene Danny will manage to save his relationship. His girlfriend cares really much for him, but she is upset because she feels that he does not respect her anymore. Thy realize that their relationship is falling apart and they decide to go to therapy. The Super Fanny tells them that she can help them out, and she moves into their home to closely observe the relationship. She gets to the conclusion that Danny’s girlfriend is right about him, and he needs to learn how to threat her and how to behave. From now, on this realwifestories update, Fanny has to work with him so the girlfriend is taking a vacation. Danny seems to evolve and he’s changed his attitude, so Super Fanny feels like he needs to be rewarded. She’s been craving for his big cock and while they are having the final talk on the couch she is placing her hand on his leg. He keeps staring at her boobs and she moves her hand up, reaching at his cock. He is already hard so she unzips his pants and start stocking his huge cock. After she gives him a sloppy wet reward, she lifts up her skirt and takes off her panties, then gets on top of him taking his big cock deep inside her wet pussy!


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Wife watching husband fucking

Kieran Lee met this hot women while he was out with the guys and in this real wife stories he is thinking if to fuck her of not. He loves his wife and he never cheated on her until now, on the other hand this woman he met is so hot and he can’t stop thinking about her. The fact that she lives in the neighborhood doesn’t helps at all, because now that his wife is staying more hours at the work he keeps staring at the phone thinking if to call her or not. He decides to call her up and invites her over for a coffee. Soon she is knocking at the door and he is so excited to see her. After she gets there they get down to business on the couch but Keiran is afraid that his wife will get home earlier. Not only that she finds them fucking on the couch, but she wants to watch him pounding her pussy. After a while she joins in and shares her husband’s big cock with Madison!


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RealWifeStories – Clearly fuckable

In the next realwifestories Erik has an important meeting with his boss who is supposed to be back from a long business trip and Erik wants to inform him about the new deal he closed with an important investor. Only when he arrives at the office his boss is nowhere to found. His boss’s hot wife walks in, saying that her husband will be away for another week but she is going to represent him. They sit down and Erik hands her over the new contract but she seems to be with her mind some place else. He is relieved that she is not paying attention to him because he can’t stop staring at her boobs. If he would only hear her thoughts, because she starts fantasizing about fucking him. When she realize that he has a visible erection she starts flashing her boobs and he makes the move, bending her over the desk and ripping her panties off to slide his cock in her wet pussy! She doesn’t seem to get tired of his hard cock, as she rides his hard tool after he fucked her in very possible position here at real wife stories!


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Valentine’s day surprise

Check out as this gorgeous asian gives her husband a surprise fuck as Valentine’s day present. Yurizan and Johnny got married four years ago, but lately he’s been neglecting her, but as you will see in this real wife stories update, this will change soon. He has a successful company and he is busy all the time, but she thinks he doesn’t finds her attractive anymore and that is the reason they don’t have much sex lately. Because Valentine’s day is close she decides to make some changes, so after going to all the beauty saloons she prepares a nice dinner, then she goes to the bathroom where she prepares a nice bubble bath, lights up candles and gets naked. He arrives home and see’s the table arrangements, then he starts looking for her and enters the bathroom. She waits him there naked, exposing her huge round natural tits. Looks like he is still mad about her from the way he kisses her and lays her down on the floor. She lets his slide his hard cock in her tight ass and this is driving him crazy!


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Real wife stories – Pussy pop psychology

Enjoy watching this next real wife stories videos scene and see this slutty wife fucking with another man while her husband is watching her. Jenna and Jason have problems in their marriage and all because he is extremely jealous. He can’t stand when men are looking at her wife and he lives in constant fear that she might cheat on him. She cannot live like this anymore so he decides to go to a therapist. When he tells the doctor about his problem showing a picture of his wife to him, the doctor considers that it would be best if she could come to the therapy with him. When they both show up at the appointment the doctor tells them that he found a cure for Jason’s problem. He must watch his wife getting fucked by someone else, and the doctor is the one who’s going to shove his big hard cock in her wet pussy! The husband is shocked but it’s to late now, his wife is riding that big cock on the couch next to him and she seems to love getting fucked by the doctor!


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Fucking the new neighbor

After moving in the neighborhood Kieran is excited to meet his new neighbors. In this real wife stories scene she will get lots of attention from all the ladies across the street, specially Ms. Gomez who meets Kieran while she was taking a walk with her husband. Kieran grabs the change to present himself and invite them to a dinner party that he is planning since he moved into a new house. They gladly accept and Esperanza asks is he needs help with arrangements. He is a single man and he would like someone to help him with the decorations, and she is glad to help him out.

Next day he shows up at his door ready to begin the work. It looks like she came alone because Mr. Gomez is at work. He works even on Saturdays and Esperanza start complaining because she feel very lonely and neglected. Kieran wants to comfort her saying that a beautiful lady should never be left alone and this makes her think that he is hitting at her. Before he gets a chance to react she has her hands in his pants already. Kieran is going to be the one who takes care of her sexual needs from how on and she loves having his big cock buried inside her pussy! Don;t miss out this amazing realwifestories scene!


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Real Wife Stories – The babysitter

Gia Grace is a gorgeous asian who needs a job so she can pay for her studies. In this real wife stories scene Kieran Lee and his wife are looking for a full time babysitter and they are happy to hire her. She moves in their house and seems that all her financial problems are history now! She loves the Lee family and she feels like home there. Kieran works as a freelance writer so he locks himself in his home office and works  from morning to midnight. Gia walks in his office asking Keiran if he would like to have lunch, and she finds him masturbating on porn. She is impressed by the size of his cock and before he has the chance to say anything she is already on her knees taking his hard cock in her mouth. Next he lifts her up and takes her to the bedroom and shoves his big cock deep onside her tight pussy. Enjoy watching as he fucks her doggy style and she then gets on top of him tiding his hard big tool!


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